Contingent (Success only)

  • Immediate access to our network of candidates to ensure speed to market and an array of applicants.
  • Efficient end-to-end recruitment process
  • Access to candidates who are actively searching for new opportunities
  • We will interview and qualify every candidate on technical skills & motivations
  • Management in finalising offers, employment contracts and start dates

Retained (Partnership)

  • A partnership completely tailored to clients’ needs by Molecular Search to fully represent & enhance your company branding for a specific search.
  • Exclusive candidates
  • The use of a research team to produce a tailored market research plan of your choice.
  • Targeted headhunting of specific company targets identified by client and Molecular Search
  • Deep-dive interviews and case study testing
  • Pre-agreed process to ensure a slick but thorough search to align to client deadlines


Market Research

Molecular Search provides a unique service offering that differentiates us from our competitors. Our dedicated Market Insights Practice provides the following options for our clients:

Competitor Insights

We provide tailored insights on the following: salaries, hiring process, promotion cycle staffing model, hierarchies.

We conduct a competitor landscape analysis.

Diversity & Inclusion

We conduct thorough statistical analyses that highlight the current challenges organizations are facing in the industry and provide recommendations and solutions on current D&I trends.

Future Growth Opportunities

We provide market research on organisations that are looking to acquire facilities/sites as well as sell facilities/sites.

We provide an overview of Private Equity/Venture Capital organisations looking to invest in a business like yours. We will also make an introduction into the relevant people.

Market Trends

Trends that are related to therapy areas that are interesting.